STEP DUNGEON  was made for the ChainLetterJam, in which I was nominated by Torcado to make a game based on his game ribbit digits

It plays kinda like Rust Bucket, if you've ever played that, but in a single line. 

You move by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4, 

but beware of what lies ahead, a wrong step could be the end of you! And also, time's ticking down, because if not then the game would be too boring.

Very rough around the edges, definitely slacked off more than I should, and the game is in desperate need of music and maybe better sound effects, but it's something, I guess.


If nominated, you have two weeks to make a 1 minute game in some way inspired by the game that nominated you.

Once finished, put #ChainLetterJam in your game description, a link to the game that nominated you, and then nominate two other devs (or less or more, whatever, this isn't a chain letter where you die in three days if you don't).

Previous games in this chain:

  7. Some random trash-err, I mean, this game


- Yeah sometimes the platforms are like 4 cracked ones in a row, and so you can't make it any further than that, or 2 skip platforms and 2 cracked ones, same deal. I'll be fixing this + updating the game with music and a refreshed look soon

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAstronaut Curve
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, Dungeon Crawler, i-dunno, Singleplayer


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¡Gran mecanica!


This is amazing . Good job! 


That is a SUPER smart game concept <3 I’m totally fan of your mechanic and it’s funny how it feels like it’s a super fast game, while it’s not really. I would love to see a mobile friendly version (basically, just with 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen).

Very good job!

*Super smart game concept* ! Thanks! :)

Yes, I'm working on updating this game and I'm totally planning on releasing on mobile!

I'd love an untimed mode

I'll consider it!

Honestly dude, I think without music it is really good. Maybe just like enemy SFX if you want but I think no music is kind of simple, it keeps you focused in on the game. I would say a funny music bit would be some sort of boxing style music like a Rocky theme sample or something LOL, but I like the game, are you planning to do more with it?

Yeah maybe, I want to add a 'beat to punch dungeon baddies to.'
Maybe also eventually expand on it and release it on mobile, but not sure yet, the backlog's big enough already.

Cool and well polished game!